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Ill start be saying i have been making websites since 1993.. which was basically the rise AND fall of the dotcom bubble. Most of the experience that i have performing search optimization is at code level. The difference between me and your run-of-the-mill SEO firm is I have quite a bit of blogging and social media development experience.. added with hands on technical experience working on a keyword bid and auction process for paid search advertising. Which means i, (we).. can take care of every facet of your website SEO and Marketing needs.. Including PPC, CPC, PPV and others.

The System Includes:

  • Sub.Domain Wordpress Blog
  • Video Content Aggregator
  • Article Content Aggregator
  • 1 Level I and II Campaign
  • 10000 Visits every month
  • Complete Social Posting System

Manual Services:

  • Google+ Posting
  • Pinterest Pinning
  • LinkedIn Posting
  • Promoted Facebook Posing
  • 1 Page/mo SEO
  • 24hr Support


  • Image Sourcing
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Cloudflare Pro
  • Pre-Loader and CDN
  • Video Intro

Here's a little story..

The Social Media Marketing System is quite sophisticated,. and can be pretty confusing for the laymen so if you have any questions please stop and ask. For the complete social solution service, we set up a Wordpress blog on a partition of our server at Purple Turtle here in Canada. We then use Cloudflare to pipe the DNS of our clients website through a global content delivery system, which draws from servers all over the world and makes their website fast and safe with a free SSL. Then, we set up a multi category video and article content generator, and pipe the site into a sub.domain of their website so it ranks their site for a bunch of the keywords everyone that ranks is ranking for., so its not just your "We rank for this" because the subject matter is as broad as the varieties of the keywords.. basically it not only generates great article and video content on autopilot for the sub.domain on their site, but does the keyword research for you. Then, we utilize the companies social media presence to its full potential at the same time by posting current, up to date keyword rich content to their Facebook and Twitter pages., that we pull from the sub.domain .. and then ranks the parent site.

As i said it is a pretty sophisticated system and thus far it will rival most autoblogging software on the market, however if we were to stop it there it would be only half complete. I'll carry on..

After that content generator and aggregation system is set-up and running, we manually focus on the curation and generation of visual media such as motivation and lifestyle images as well as other visual content and post these manually to Pinterest, rotating evenly with LinkedIn. And ill remind everybody that this is not an automated thing.. some of the labouring is done by automated processes but remember there is no cut and paste for content of any real calibre. No client needs the same thing as the last guy.. Florist and Auto mechanic.. see?

The link campaigns that we roll on a few times per month do create a bunch of c class content to post on free, user generated content sites. The content itself is pretty good, but i wouldn't post it to our money site.. we can go 2 levels down and use these web 2.0 sites like livejournal and to post links pointing to the links that do point to us. We automate most of the running processes of this detail as not to waste too much time with c class linking structures because these are in play to only index and give authority to the link that point to our clients website .. and inevitably rank our clients site.

What to do now

Knowing where you are going is most of the work, but now that you have decided to move forward with promoting your business, there are some steps you will need to take to get the best results from your successful social and link campaigns.

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When we ask you for all the keywords you think are associated to the searches in your niche, you can be ready with a list of about 20 keywords.

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We will be back and forth so much you will think we live next door! This is necessary to make sure all systems are equipped and ready

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When we hit go, it will seem as though we hit it with a METEOR!

The Secrets..

Taken from Successful, Corporate BigWigs.

We don’t have competition because there is no one out there that can feasibly and sustainably perform like this.. These methods are not by any means the run-of-the-mill SEO solutions or marketing tactics. These methods are the ones the big boys use.. The corporate and government big wigs have paid BILLIONS on search marketing and SEO research and This is what they do. I can tell you what needs to be done without worry about whether you or anyone else can or will copy the strategy.. it common knowledge now.. but the order of execution, network base, links, social media posting and subject matter.. plus about 150 other signals that corporate marketers use are whats important. I don’t know about you but they have teams of staff doing these jobs full time and i don’t personally know anyone that can afford that. So through my corporate and business experience i have developed a system, a program.. ok im not sure what i should call it. but whatever it is.. its doing the job of a staff of 10, on autopilot.. well its not completely automated.. autopilot for our clients anyway..

The services that we offer are as unique as the client base we serve, and the outcome is Always Profitable. You can worry about the day-to-day of your business.. we will worry about the Social Engagement 

Whether that is to have your email list grow.. sell some products.. even when trying to develop your Brand. 

Due to demand we have combined our most used and most popular Social Media Marketing Services into one package. If you have any questions about any of the following services simply click the title of the service, contact us or submit a support ticket

Individual Services are Available

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