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Friday, November 1, 2013

Upcoming Features with Update!

1. The plugin will provide an output as a .xml file.(so URL will be neat and clean .. also unique)
2. The filename can be set by user, if filename is not supplied file name it will take a default file name.
3. The plugin now has its own administration area to manage all created feeds
4. All of the feed details are now stored in a database table
5. All generated feed can be automatically updated by a WordPress cron job with adjustable updating intervals
6. The Schedule of the feed regeneration can be change by user, by default it will take as 12 hours and is set in seconds in feed setting page.
7. Users can view each generated feed from feed manage area with the ability to delete the feed and create a new feed
8. Users can sort feeds in columns
9. The plugin requires write permission in wp-content/upload/ folder for storing the .xml file. the appropriate message will shows if permission is not available.
10. The User can manually update a feed by using the same file name and category selection.
11. A plugin and attribute mapping reset button.

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