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Monday, October 8, 2012
First i start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Clients!

So much has happened in the last 30 days i don't really know where to begin! Ill try to title appropriately so you can just scan down the list to see whats relevant to you :)

Suffered DDOS and Made the News!
It was a warm sunny day in september, all was going very well for us on a beautiful Monday morning when all of a sudden, one of our server administrators called me and say these fateful words.. "Um .. Simon i think we have a problem - Im looking at the connection stats and were climbing at about 300KCPS (300000 connections per second) and were going to be offline in about.. 30 seconds" Over the course of the next 6 hours we made the news., you can see this for more info

We Moved! (LOL)
Purple Turtle has been quietly planning a server re-location for about 2 months now, and thanks to the gallant efforts of our wonderful staff, we had pushed the move of all of our accounts to the new location within 2 days of the attack. We have found that hosting our sites through the datacenter in Vancouver would sometimes become.. slow due to daily overloaded connections to the mainframe that serves approximately 400KCPS to 700KCPS every day at about 4pm. We found that the connections in the victoria datacenter at most, turns about 12KCPS at highest load, thereby making all of our clients websites fast and safe no matter what.

Our SEO Services are being re-vamped!
I know there are many .. MANY of your that rely on Purple Turtle to maintain your search engine ranking, and for the last month or so i have been telling our clients that Google is playing a game right now and many of the historical campaigns are not only not as effective as they used to be, but if continued will definitely have a negative impact on our efforts to date and to please be patient while we work this all out. Well, the beta-test data is in and we have the initial framework in place, and are making a slow release of the updated campaigns. Our team have been trying to hash out a replicable, effective means of continuing to dominate search engine results without having any possibility of penalty or reprimand and I'm .. relieved to tell everyone that i was correct! Given our data, the metrics for link velocity and social sharing have taken a strong upward spike in the strength on the links, no matter what the PR of the back link. - in English! - if you get a ton of links without the traffic and/or social interactions and signals to validate them, Google will penalize your site . Period. 

Our New Structure:
We have made great headway in the testing of these new metrics and have developed a strategy to increase the traffic, (albeit null [non-consumer]) so that our link campaigns have a greater effect. We have also included a number of Wiki and PDF sharing sites to our campaigns to increase the diversity of the incoming links. -In English! We added places to put stuff about your topic with links to you, and.. create a pdf document of the spun material for each campaign to submit.

We are taking pre-orders for the updated campaigns right now through email only,. there will unfortunately only be one level and work the best for pages that are over 30 days old. We have updated the existing Level I, II, and III to include the Wiki sites so they can be purchased normally through your account manager and are now submitted over 15 days instead of the normal 3-5, with a limit of 3 concurrent campaigns. Summer, Mike or I can help you if you need further explanation, just submit a support ticket with any questions and we will get to them within the promised 1 hour of submission.

New IPv4 Hosting.
With our new datacenter, comes new and updated equipment! Godaddy is promoting 4G hosting, and i think its about time we start playing with the big boys. When we moved, we left all the outdated equipment behind and are now offering 4G hosting to our Canadian Hosting clients for free. If you are already on a Canadian hosting plan then your already set up for IPv4 and thank you for your patience with all your emails! I know some of you have had problems with them, and we have them on the same server as your hosting account again! Unfortunately we are no longer offering Microsoft Exchange services, but Google has Apps for that :)

I hope your Holiday Monday is a joyous one as we get together with our families and reflect how wonderful this life is and express our thanks.


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