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Friday, September 28, 2012
"After the first ISP in The Netherlands went red (began refusing connections) we noticed a drop in the concurrent connections and we knew we had them"

We had a little fame this week in the hosting world..

The very unique, and news worthy story lies in what the small company did to combat the attack. "We knocked their IP's offline to mitigate the attack" a representative for the company commented. "DDOS attacks are a part of the hosting world, and although many large corporations can suffer from such attacks, for small hosting companies it could mean the end of their lives online where large companies have a large customer base and would not suffer so badly".

Read more: http://www.hostreview.com/news/120925-aggressive-steps-by-purple-turtle-to-curb-ddos-and-cyberattacks#ixzz27ns8opbn

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